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Beacon Bigtide Europe B.V. werd officieel opgericht


  • Recently, Shenzhen Beacon Display Technology Co., Ltd. (Referred to as “Beacon Display”) received a notice from the Dutch market regulator: “I hereby inform you the Dutch company Beacon Bigtide Europe B.V. has been incorporated and registered at Chamber of Commerce.” Which means the formal establishment of Beacon Display wholly-owned subsidiary Beacon Bigtide Europe B.V. in Europe.

    Beacon Bigtide Europe B.V. based in the Netherlands, is mainly responsible for the sales trade and after-sales service of Beacon products, and also for the development of the localization process of Beacon brand in the European market. It is worth mentioning that the general manager of Beacon Bigtide Europe B.V. has rich working experience in the medical industry. He will continue the professional integration advantages of Beacon Display subsidiaries and head office, and gradually implement it from marketing, management, products and services, so as to drive the development and growth of Beacon brand in the European market.

    As the first Chinese company to develop and manufacture medical displays, Beacon Display relies on its leading R & D advantages in the industry and covers a series of products in the fields of clinical, diagnostic, ultrasound, endoscopic surgery, consultation and other medical image display. The products meet the advanced standards in the European industry. The establishment of Beacon Bigtide Europe B.V. can provide all-round and faster sales and after-sales service support for European customers. It is not only an important milestone in developing overseas market, but also a new impetus to promote the internationalization of China medical imaging display industry.

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